Taekwon-do Traditionally Taught!

Taekwon-do Traditionally Taught!

Helps to get you fit and strong, mentally and physically, for a life after Covid!

Get booked in now!

Taekwon-do classes at The VENUE, Beccles

Mondays 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Thursdays 7pm to 8pm


1st Class FREE!

Use this code TRY4FREE when booking!

Booking essential due to limited numbers!

Go to this page:


Taekwon-do Traditionally Taught

Taking Taekwon-do to the community: Next Stop Southwold!

Beccles instructors Mr and Mrs Bedingfield, are Taking Taekwon-do to the community again this week.

The clubs instructors are delivering an “Introduction to Taekwon-do” to the students of Saint Felix School in Southwold.

community Taekwon-do sessions

They are expecting around 40 students keen to learn a bit more ‘hands on’ about the martial art of Taekwon-do.

On previous occasions the instructors have taken Taekwon-do sessions to schools and businesses in the region, some attendees find they enjoy the martial art introduction so much, that they join the Beccles club to learn more.

These visits to the Community have included local schools, cub-scout groups, and even employees of CEFAS in Lowestoft, who took part during their lunch breaks!

Contact Mr & Mrs Bedingfield if you have a group who would like to benefit from one of their community Taekwon-do sessions.

[email protected]

Or visit their website to find out more about Taekwon-do: Beccles-Taekwondo.co.uk

Old Tigers Veteran Taekwondo Classes

Old Tigers

Wanted! Veterans to learn Taekwondo!

We will help you develop the strength to protect!

“It is in my nature to be kind,
gentle and loving.
But know this:
When it comes to matters
of protecting my friends,
and my family.
Do not trifle with me…

For I am also the
most Powerful and
Relentless Creature
you will ever know!”

So if you feel you identify with this come and join us.

Mr and Mrs B.

[email protected]

Old Tigers Veteran Taekwon-do

‘Old Tigers’ Veteran Taekwon-do Classes!

You get an exclusive Old Tigers Veteran Taekwon-do
T-shirt when you join the club.

Taekwon-do can be practiced by anyone…there is no upper age limit!

Mondays and Thursdays

Booking is Essential. Book online

This is a chance to work with a group of Veteran Martial artists who will help teach you the way of Taekwon-do.

Our training syllabus develops your ability to defend yourself using blocks, punches and kicks.

Progress through our belt gradings will build agility, strength, fitness and self confidence, no matter how old you are.

For those who are very competitive, we can train you to compete at national level against other veterans.

Come and meet with us, we want you to experience the feeling of being part of one of the Worlds best martial arts, where you will make lifetime friendships, not just locally but globally!!

Your journey starts here > Old Tigers Veteran Taekwon-do!

So why not come and give us a look?


We are always looking for some ‘Old Tigers’ who are willing to give it a go,
and we will surprise you on what you can achieve!

Anyone interested in this please book a session!

Booking is Essential. Book online

email: [email protected]

ITF Recognition Plaque

Taekwon-do Lockdown? No worries we are now teaching on Zoom during this Lockdown!

Online Taekwondo classes

Online Taekwondo Classes coming to a screen near you!

On Mondays and Thursdays during Lockdown
we will be running online classes using Zoom.

Taekwon-do training will keep you strong physically and mentally!!

New members always welcome whatever your age!

Exercise in your home during the Covid Lockdown!

These will be delivered by Beccles Instructors Mr & Mrs Bedingfield.

There will be an online booking system as usual but no limit on numbers.

Booking is per household per session.

Mr B has it sorted 👍

See booking page for latest details.

Book online

Importantly Taekwon-do training can keep you fit and strong during this Covid lockdown.

👊 Mr & Mrs B

Online Taekwondo classes coming to a screen near you!


Half-Term Taekwon-do, next week we are only running the early sessions!

Half-Term Taekwon-do, next week we are only running the early sessions!

Half-Term Taekwon-do, next week we are only running the early sessions!

As it is Half-Term next week we are only running the early Taekwon-do sessions on both evenings, however there are still 20 spaces up for grabs, so please book your spot here:

Book online black belt Classes

Monday, 26th October 2020

6:20pm – 7:15pm

Thursday, 29th October 2020

6:20pm – 7:15pm

Then every Monday and Thursday as normal!
The Venue, Ringsfield Road, Beccles, Suffolk, NR34 9PF

ITF Taekwon-do will help keep you strong, physically and mentally. 

New members always welcome!

GTUK Distance Training Topics Menu

GTUK Distance Training Topics Taekwondo resources

GTUK Distance Training Topics Menu

GTUK Students Forum topics available on our hosted Facebook group

This will give students quick access to the invaluable Taekwondo resources prepared by Master A and your instructors.

Tutorials (all)

Basic Stances


Self Defence


Colour Belt Classes (all)

White belt to Green tag belt

Green belt to Blue belt

Red tag to Black tag belts

Family Classes

Sunday Sessions

Step Sparring

Exercise Classes

Yoga Sessions

* * FIGHT CLUB * *


GTUK International Degrees

Weekly Challenge

Dream Girls for NHS

Quiz Sheets

Join the group to watch live feeds now or later.


Open ITF JeeGoo

Stay Safe and do Taekwon-do!

Dan Gun Tutorial

Also check out YOUR belt information on our Beccles Taekwondo website

Check your patterns here

Remember to PRINT OUT and practice your Terminology for your belt grade!


The 1st Friday FIGHT Club! with Mr Dewey 26th June 6pm

fight club

The 1st Friday FIGHT Club!

with Mr Dewey

See recorded video here:

See also previous Sparring Tutorial video

Fri 26th June 6pm

GTUK Distance Training

This will be live on the Student Forum page and via Zoom.

Join the group to watch live or later.

*Note: some pdfs are secured by GTUK student password,
email [email protected] if you haven’t got it!

GTUK Syllabus PDF files are linked below:



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